ALPH System is simple, variable and high-quality solution for bulding of your passive house.

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ALPH System &
passive houses

Living in your own is simple. We offer complete construction of residential houses in different phases of completion and production of precasted ALPH blocks for individual construction or delivery with assembly. The main role plays concrete. Natural material with great heat accumulation, airtightness, density, “slenderness” and protection against noise and flames.


Blocks & panels



Fulfils upcoming legislation

V následujících letech vstoupí v platnost nová legislativa, která vyžaduje přísná pravidla energetické náročnosti domu.

Model houses for your inspiration

Are you dreaming of a new house, but you have no clear idea about its design? We offer few model APLH houses for your inspiration.

Unique technology

For production of blocks we use “Quick Clever Concrete” which complies with CSN EN 206 norm.

House which grows as you grow

Building by ALPH system is extremely variable and can be tailored during the construction or in the future when the house needs expansion

Smart investment for the future

With ALPH house you can forget former worries and stress from energy bills. Costs of living are significantly lower and in the long term you can save from them.

Perfection achieved on our own projects

We managed to follow our houses through to perfection. Thanks to long term measurements of all obtainable values we have real data available.

Cooperation and consulting of your own project

We offer a consulting and further cooperation with our designers. The house can be fully tailored to individual vision and demands.

Shell & Core construction done in few days

The construction of the shell & core of the house takes only few days. See how fast an ALPH house can be built with your own eyes in our video.

The story of ALPH & NWT

More than 25 years, NWT a.s. is one of the most important technological and innovative companies in the Czech Republic. Its vision is to give people the New World Technologies. Timeless products, smart solutions and highest quality possible are pillars of the holding whose goal is to be between the first three companies on the market in all fields on which it focuses. The holding specializes in innovative projects with regard to global environmental policy.

Its technological know-how is more and more focused on sustainable development and passive constructions, that are smart. One of the latest NWT’s project is Park Tower – skyscraper in Zlín city copying New York’s standards. Every year NWT takes place among 100 best Czech companies.

Construction work

To build blocks we use Quick Clever Concrete, which complies with CSN EN 206 norm. It is a highly liquid concrete with advantageous properties of vibrated and self-compacting concrete. Blocks with built-in heat insulation and wiring for installation are subsequently completed – window and door frames, filling joints in between blocks and rough plaster.

After that everything goes smoothly. In only a few days. Individual prefabricated parts are installed on the baseplate. Walls are joint with steel screws and poured with concrete grout. Then come ceiling slabs, staircase, installation of second floor and completion of rough construction (electro installation, heating, water and waste pipes). After filling window and door holes and roofing the external and internal plaster is done. Then only painting and decoration and you are ready to move in.

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Do you want to know more?

Are you hesitating, want more details, or have a special requirement? We can discuss it in person. Or you can make a house tour of our sample passive house in Zlín – Kudlov.


What do we do for you:

  • Complete from A to Z
  • Effective utilization of financial resources for construction or reconstruction
  • Choice of building material, windows and technologies (controlled ventilation, heat source, heating)
  • Help you not to get lost in legislation labyrinth
  • Documentation needed for subsidy Nová zelená úsporám (New Green for Savings)
  • Reduce energy consumption to minimum
  • Have a home according to newest standards



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